The Advantages of an "In-Office" Franchise.

We offer a completely different business model which is designed specifically to expand an existing patient base. Physicians will benefit from an expansion of billable services to existing clientele and A new patient base expansion from patients specifically looking for these unique services. Almost every Ob-Gyn and/or GP has been asked at one time or another if there is a more "Natural" option for Hormone Replacement and/or if their Physician prescribes any "Anti-Aging" medicine. With our service,  practicing Physicians can instantly answer yes to both, and will have the confidence that their patients will receive "Top Quality" care and information. Furthermore, we fully train an RN, NP, or PA to offer and market these services to existing patients. We also provide them with the background information to adequately answer general patient inquiries and to properly inform them. about how the practice has expanded to offer Bio-Identical HRT and/or Medical Weight-Loss.  The practitioner will also be educated in marketing to both existing and prospective patients. We have found that presenting the business as a Partnership rather than an outside Consulting Firm is more Patient friendly and a more accurate description of the process.

What's Included

#1  Training for the employee designated to be the Program Manager. This includes

- Clinical information pertaining to our unique Therapy Management.

- Symptoms which are typical in Hormone Deficiency.

-Peri-Menopause, Menopause, and Andropause background

- Dosing strategies for each situation.

- Serum Lab Tests, Their meaning, and how they relate to SX

-  Therapeutic dosage adjustments and the criteria used to make them

-  Benefits vs Risks ,  What makes  a Hormone  "Natural", FDA info  And   ---much more....

#2 Patient Instructional videos (1st Appointment, background info on HRT)

#3 Medication Therapy Management which includes Symptom Mapping, Serum Lab interpretation, and a Written Recommendation which is provided in detail so the Practitioner can Present the Therapeutic Plan and answer all Patient questions with confidence.

#4 Live, toll-free, or internet based consultation for patients in between appointments. This greatly enhances patient compliance.


#1 Weight-Loss and Hormones/Body-weight videos to be shown in a Classroom type setting.

#2 Live Q&A session with our Weight-Loss Physician or Practitioner

#3 Custom diet booklets and plans.

#4 Inforrmation and prescribing strategies for medications used


#5 Detailed training on follow-up strategies.

#6 Proprietary information on our unique, customized weight-loss medication and its proper use.

Many Physicians have stayed away from the use of Bio-Identical Hormones for a variety of reasons.