......issues to be addressed. Saliva Test kits had become a profit center, not just for themselves, but also the Physicians, and Pharmacies that sold them. When we presented the data to the Saliva company, their response was "Let's just make up a new set of ranges". Hardly the "Scientific" approach that the situation warranted. To add insult to injury, the diagnostic company tried to convince our clinical team that Saliva testing which only measured "free" levels could show zero or extremely because the Hormones traveled to, and were immediately absorbed by, target tissues. My fellow clinicians and I considered this to be ridiculous as most Steroid Hormones are 98% or more bound to Plasma proteins SHBG and Albumin and this effect is immediate when the hormones enter the bloodstream where these carrier proteins transport them to target tissues. THERE IS NO COVERT METHOD THAT HORMONES CAN ACCESS TO AVOID THESE PROTEIN CARRIERS REGARDLESS OF ROUTE OF ADMINISTRATION. We considered the mere suggestion an insult to our intelligence. It is not possible to achieve an adequate  free serum level and have a serum total of ZERO...PERIOD !

     Equally troubling, if not surprising, was the fact that topical dosage forms including PLO gels and creams performed poorly and inconsistently from patient to patient. This is not at all shocking when one considers the inherent issues with them. Moisture content of the skin, surface area applied, clothing, contact with other people/objects, bathing times, subcutaneous fat amounts...etc. The list goes on and on. Logically, this makes sense when one considers that the primary purpose for this organ is as a barrier.

     At this point it became clear that any Physician, who wanted to integrate Bio-Identical HRT into their practices not only didn't have any reliable dosing information, but additionally, were encouraged to use faulty diagnostic criteria to support their practices. Something had to change to make this therapy a viable addition to any practice.

The next 15 years were dedicated to perfecting an ideal dosage form that would provide the consistency, reliability, and patient compliance necessary to base an effective practice on. We have achieved that goal and amassed a wealth of clinical information that integrates patient symptoms, Health History, baseline serum parameters, general Pharmacokinetic character, and most importantly proper dosing based on all of this information. CUSTOM CLINICAL SERVICES is the result of our efforts. We can now help any practice integrate HRT and have the confidence that they are supplying top notch patient care. Furthermore, when we partner with a group, the immediately become "experts" in this venue and can expect to achieve  a 95% patient retention rate that we have achieved after years of dedication. Finally, our work didn't just include Physicians, we also worked just as diligently on the Pharmacy side developing and perfecting a process and dosage form that will perform up to industry standards in absorbtion, dissolution, and elimination. It is our trade secret, that we only share with our Pharmacy partners that can demonstrat beyond any doubt that they can follow our process, have the necessary, Pharma style equipment, and routinely have the product tested by an independent lab, per our agreement. Rest assured, we have done the research necessary to provide consistent, quality care !